stay connected while traveling


✦ Keep a list of your emergency contacts handy and create a communication plan for reaching
family and friends in the event of a crisis.


✦ Phone lines are usually affected during a crisis. Think about other ways to communicate. For example, update your social media status often and send messages as regularly as possible to let friends and family know how you are doing.

✦ Many of our U.S. embassies and consulates, along with the Bureau of Consular Affairs, use social media to provide information – connect with them on Twitter and Facebook. For more information, visit "Ways to Contact Loved Ones in a Crisis Abroad." U.S. Department of State — Bureau of Consular Affairs Department of State - Consular Affairs


✦ Have an exit strategy! Know how you’ll get out of harm’s way without needing to rely on assistance. A crisis may prevent or delay emergency responders’ ability to get to you and there will be many people needing help.

✦ Be sure you know more than one way to get towards safety.

✦ The crisis event may make some roads impassable or unsafe.

✦ Following instructions from local authorities about security and evacuation could save your life.

✦ Monitor local radio, television, and other sources for updates. Situations can change quickly,
limiting the time you have to get out.

✦ If you are staying in a hotel, talk to the staff to be sure you know the hotel’s emergency plan for a variety of crisis events – fire, flood, electrical outage, storms, etc.

✦ Keep in touch with your tour operators, hotel staff, airline, cruise company, and local officials for evacuation instructions.

✦ Contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate if you need emergency help. Please keep in mind that this will not alert emergency responders.

✦ If you need emergency medical attention or police assistance, contact the local authorities directly, if you can.




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